How are we different?

All blockchains are based on the concept of the original Bitcoin cryptocurrency blockchain. Much effort has gone into improving and upgrading the blockchain concept, with the most prominent one being Ethereum. The fundamental problem with all these blockchains is that all users of these blockchains are anonymous. Anonymity in the commercial world is not practical or acceptable. For example, you cannot do stock exchange buying and selling of securities of all the parties to a contract are anonymous. Identification with privacy is the goal…and Blockchain Evolution Inc has achieved that goal.

Evolution vs. Revolution

The commercial world needs a blockchain that has evolved from the original Bitcoin cryptocurrency anonymous user base, to a blockchain where all parties are identified but in such a way that they remain private.

Further, regulators and governments want to ensure limited risks to the safety and soundness of the broader financial system. They want consumer and investor protection ensured by blockchain technology, not threatened by it.  Waiting for specific regulatory responses concerning blockchain applications and the distribution of digital assets across multiple environments could take years if not decades. The solution is to remove the problems caused by anonymity, and that is the evolutionary development achieved by Blockchain Evolution Inc.