About Blockchain Evolution Inc

Blockchain Evolution Inc.  is a public reporting company in, Alberta and British Columbia. Blockchain Evolution owns the technology behind the world’s first identification-based Blockchain. Its mission is to engage in software development and marketing of identification-based blockchains, and deploy the technology to clients who can benefit from its wide array of potential uses.  

Blockchain Evolution’s technology is already being deployed as a key component of the ecosystem of cryptocurrency GreenCoinX (“cryptocurrency symbol “XGC”), and is open to leveraging the technology in a variety of arenas. A key aspect of our identification-based blockchain is enhanced security of the ecosystem. The requirement of user identification as a prerequisite prevents the types of nefarious transactions that have plagued anonymous blockchains, and slowed down the adoption of this transformative technology.   

Blockchain Evolution intends to publicly list on the CSE, and dual list on the OTCQB in the USA and the Deutsche Bourse in Germany.